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I have had string of problems over the last 3 weeks with Mediacom. My original service appointment with Mediacom was scheduled for July 1 to initiate service. The technician was 30 minutes and when he arrived he said he could not install the service because the service wire from the street to our house was corroded and therefore he could not install the service. He informed me that Mediacom would come to our house within 1 week to replace the... Read more

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Ordered their ULTRA package with 100 MB internet, phone and cable 4/20. Told install would be 5/6. That appt comes and they say there is no feed lines here cannot install. Promised would be 21 days for them to bury line to house at most. Well now at day 80, 7 failed install appointments (I had to *** work for each one), over 25 calls verifying appts and problems and still do not have a feed line to the inside my house. No one in that company... Read more

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I called to cancel my service the employee "A" this is what her name began with, was nice enough at first. She asked if i was moving to a non serviceable area. I replied yes. She proceeeded to ask for a forwarding address which i provided. She was then very short and we ended the call. After she assumed the line was disconnected she said "obviously he wasnt moving to a non serviceable area. No one provides a forwarding address in the same town."... Read more

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Ive been having problems with mediacom for months now. My internet will work one day then not. I have had to take 2 hours out my day every week to call there support. They send technicians and one of them never even showed up for the service call. They tell me i have longer because they **** up. Then when you do talk them all they tell is unplug your modem 20 times. Dont them idiots realize 90% of people do that before they call. Then they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 06
  • #877802

We have constant problems with our cable. On demand and HD almost never work. We have called Mediacom and they sent technicians out 3 different times and changed out our box. All the "new" boxes they gave use were older used ones have already have problems.

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I had Mediacom install Internet/TV service on June 6th. It is now July 6th. As of yet I have NOT received more than 9 hours of continous service yet. The Internet service constantly craps out, TiVO wont function, and the "technicians" they sent out to solve the problem have given me three different explanations as to what was wrong and didn't fix a single issue since it cuts out before they can get back to their offices. At least they showed... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 30
  • #874697

Mediacom does not want skilled technicians, they want sheep who will blindly follow the orders from the less than skilled people running mediacom. unskilled workers are more prone to accept low wages and blindly follow the sheep herder.

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 20
  • #868916

Worst company ever. Wireless is down more than it works. Takes them forever to fix it. Absolutely disgraceful!! Do not use for wireless internet or anything else for that matter

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865366

Mediacom is full of *** it's always going out and sometimes weather isn't bad they always want you to pay on time but can never fix anything I don't recommend mediacom to nobody

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I got sport and information and kids and variety dumped on me for three months free. I called immediately and cancelled it and for the next 6 months I was getting billed for it. I called today and they said my phone call in which I canceled was a "billing inquiry" and the had no record of me asking for it to be cancelled. Theft, just plain theft. I called them today and the only thing they would do is credit me back for three months, what... Read more

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