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  • From mobile
  • Mediacom
  • 18 hours ago
  • #855932

Installers connect new customer in condo unit and disconnect other uses in same condo. Customer service expresses apologies and then say it will be a week before service tech can look at it. This has happened 3 weeks in a row and there is no one who cares to help. Dont believe anything you hear from the call in service people or chat online reps. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Mediacom
  • May 21
  • #851790

Mediacom only worms when you do not need it. Everytime you need it. It does not work for hours. I go to school online abd internet is down more than it works. Add comment

we have lived in Selbyville, Delaware for thirteen years and have been stuck with Mediacom. The cable and internet service goes out almost on a weekly basis. If you can get a service person to come out it takes a week. They always say the problem is weak signal. I would think after 13 years of a week signal you might place a booster on the line. If you call them all they try to do is sell you more lousy service. I would think the Town of... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mediacom
  • May 16
  • #848925

They, Mediacom is the absolutey the worst service, of ALL SERVICES, you will EVER WITNESS AS A CUSTOMER!!! They Suck!! Add comment

I have been with Media Com for two weeks now...didnt have cable for 5 days and now no internet. Called customer service several time and all the agents are rude and unprofessional. I would not recommend this service at all. Vert upset with the service and customer service agent. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mediacom
  • May 04
  • #841192

Mediacom is the worst service there is... Nine hrs to set up service that doesnt work. Call to cancel service and still get charged. Constant outage/interpution. Add comment

Over the last two months we've had multiple outages every week. The days we've gone without service have not been refunded or compensated for in any way. When the connection is actually online we usually get about 10% of the speed we pay for with significant latency issues. It's caused me to miss meeting and have have web calls for work drop regularly due to the poor connection(it is hard wired) and that's assuming the call can begin in the... Read more

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I just got Mediacom basic cable and internet and the basic cable is like buying a lifetime of toilet paper at twice the cost can't wait to get rid of it already it's like antenna TV for $45 a month have only had it for one day. Read more

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When I upgraded my cable a year ago I apparently got a sports channel and a movie channel for free for 3 months. After the 3 months it goes on the bill and I have to pay $7.95 a month for each unless I CALL AND CANCEL IT! I never ordered it! Why should I have to cancel it. Check your bill each month to make sure you are getting what you ordered. Can anyone say FRAUD... On another subject, I was without service for over 3 weeks because a "cable... Read more

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I am a property manager of 174 condominium units in Daphne, Alabama. Following a request for someone to come out to the property to meet with me regarding their sloppy installation, Mediacom does not show or call. Their wires are run everywhere they are not suppose to be, and run new wires over the old ones instead of removing them. Their pedestals have wires hanging all out of them and sometimes don't even have a lid. When they install a new... Read more

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