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mediacom can literally not get a single *** thing right, and i'm almost certain the company is ran by a trained group of monkeys. im mean seriously, you can't get any *** worse service than mediacom, in terms of internet service and cable tv and customer service.

calling into report a problem to mediacom is a *** nightmare, you talk to a *** automated system which fails repeatedly to solve your problems, i'd rather talking to a *** *** (im not racist) 10k miles away on the other *** side of the planet.their internet, wow, is very fast in almost every category, but holy *** ***! how many *** times can the *** internet cut out in one *** day? i am a very patient person, but when the internet service cuts out for 5 minutes every hour, i get *** pissed, especially when im doing something important or am gaming online. now lets move onto the tv service.

oh my *** god. "you are experiencing weather problems in your area." WHAT IN GOD'S *** NAME ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? its *** 90 degrees out without a single *** cloud in the sky, what *** weather problems are you *** talking about.i can never even *** watch tv anymore because almost all the *** time its just a *** black screen or the picture is black and *** white, im way over paying for their *** *** probably 240p service, and i cant even *** imagine how much their "deluxe" package costs. mediacom offers none of the tv channels people actually want, again because their *** ran by *** monkeys.

they advertise for having all this *** and for having all these low *** rates, but all they do is jack up the *** prices every *** month, false advertising, plain and simple. plus they have the dumbest *** tv commercials with the dumb *** middle aged ***, god *** i wanna punch her in the *** face. the only reason i have mediacom is because for some reason my old service provider, directv(which i dearly miss) told me that the couldn't install in my house for some fukcing reason, so i was told i need to get mediacom if i wanted cable tv and internet, which brings me to today. also, all their *** they *** install(cable boxes, modems, remotes and that ***) is all *** refurbished from *** dish network or some cables companies garbage pile from *** 2000, clearly shows how *** lazy mediacom is.

i really cant *** wait until i can get out of this *** service. i dont *** care how many times i said *** in the rant about the absolute *** worst cable and internet company in america (oh, and thats a fact. look it up on google and you'll see)because i really dont give a ***. here have some more, *** *** *** *** fuckity fuckfuck.

a *** for everybody. goodnight mediacom, i hope all of you burn in *** for creating a real *** piece of ***, *** you.i attached this video, as a final goodbye to your shitass service, goodnight and *** you.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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I soooooooo want to know what got censored right before the "(I'm not racist)" part.


I completely agree with the OP. MediaCom was the WORST service I have EVER had for internet. SO thankful I never have to use them again.


Hello rattmann,

I completely understand your frustration with the ongoing service issues that you have been having. This is not the level of service we expect any of our customers to experience. I will be happy to look into any and all issues you are having so you can get the service in which you are paying for. Can you send us an email with your account or phone number to


Mediacom Social Media Team

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