Over the last few years Mediacom has literally made me an angrier and more stressed person. At least three or four times a week the internet service they provide just shuts down or completely lags like nothing else.

At around midnight every night the signal is completely undetectable to my computer, smart TV and gaming systems ( I made sure of this to know it wasn't my devices). If you like to play video games or watch Netflix, Mediacom is your worst enemy. I absolutely hate Mediacom, in fact just the name "Mediacom" sparks a deep anger burning within my soul. They stress me out so much I have literally had dreams in my sleep of finding their headquarters and setting a bomb off inside (this is not a threat, just a pissed consumers feelings), now I would never do such a thing because at work, at social gatherings, or just when I am running errands I am a very nice and pleasant person.

Mediacom has truly brought the worst out in me. HATE is the most true and ideal word I can use to describe my feeling toward the service they provide. I am moving to a new location primarily to have a new internet provider because currently Mediacom is the only one in my area.

I have wasted nearly 5,000 in bills to Mediacom, money I will never get back and I truly feel it has been stolen from me because of how lousy their service is. I hope this helps stray potential customers to Mediacom, unless of course you really enjoy lag, disconnection, and loss of hair.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Wayzata, Minnesota, United States #1195690

i lose service anytime it rains within 10 miles from my house, my phone service was out, i could not get anybody to answer for 4 hrs ,always an outage and heavy volume call in my area they are charging me 50 meg down i cant get more than 16 meg down they disguss me!


I'm also experiencing very poor quality of connection from mediacom. I am unable to play online games without interruption ruining the play. 3

Fullerton, California, United States #828853

Hey, I'm very sorry you're having this issue, that is not the level of service we expect to provide. We can most certainly take a look into your internet issue.

There is a possibility that it could be the signal the modem is receiving from outside of the home.

It could even be an issue with a splitter that the modem is connected to. If you want to send us an email at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com we'll dig deeper into the issue!


Mediacom Social Media Team

Leesburg, Georgia, United States #826864

Mediacom sucks really bad, stay away. Leesburg, GA

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