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I understand that the digital conversion was something beyond control of Mediacom, but really it's like they didn't even try to make it transition easily. Maybe there is some formula that Mediacom has to follow but I would think that any logical person would put ESPN and ESPN2 next to each other. It's not that I find it difficult to flip through multiple channels to find the one I want, but what that does tell me is that Mediacom didn't even try to think of logical ways to order the channels out of sheer laziness. Maybe it's because they want everyone to pay the additional money for boxes in multiple rooms but myself and many friends have the same set-up, one HD box in the living room, bedrooms just plug into the wall.

The next thing is their customer service reps are by far the worst I've ever dealt with. I only call them when there is a problem, I don't call for the sake of yelling. My most recent dealings with Mediacom I called to explain that I wanted to go to DirecTV, but the problem is Mediacom is the only high-speed internet that where I live (Rock Island) and I work from home. The lady on the phone was immediately aggressive with me. She reminded me about twenty times that Mediacom was brought in by our government and if we had issues to contact our local politicians.

Thats why I went looking for a site like this. From what my research has shown I believe Mediacom is a Franchise Utility that gives it the right to be a monopoly in the cable industry similiar to a power company. What I want to know is when does this contract currently end? There are so many better options with companies proactively trying to make cable better. Mediacom does not even provide an HBOGO subscribtion with there 17.99 per month HBO subscription, all the other major cable providers do. Comcast just announced their Streampix program WHICH IS FREE to give their users an added perk to having Comcast.

If anyone knows when Mediacom's contract is up it cannot hurt anything to allow other companies like Comcast to at least say what they have to offer. If they want to be a franchise utility, they need to commit to customer satisfaction. I purchased my own modem after I realized they were charging me 5$ a month for theirs (brand new cable modems are less then 20$ for the one they provided, 40$ buys the newest technology) so I went to return theirs so I could stop paying them. Saturday afternoon the wait was over an hour. I waited for thirty minutes and left because I had other obligations, I returned Monday morning at 10am and still waited another 45 minutes to return this. They only had two people working both days in customer service. Not kidding, every single person that opened the door was astounded about how long the line was, that just proves my point how little Mediacom tries to keep customers happy.

Mediacom is terrible, I mentioned something during a class at St Ambrose when this happened and it turned into 45 MBA students that all had terrible things to say, the proffessor was actually laughing and joining in all the critisms, it went on for so long the professor had to ask us to stop discussing it and get back on task.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Mediacom's claim to help correct the situation just proves my point about how they don't even try. I sent the information they wanted a month ago, following their instructions exactly, and nothing has happened. Customer service is really the least important thing in their agenda, but now they have my information I'm not sure if its just coincidence that my digital cable has been flickering for the last two weeks.

Other updates, my parents live in a town that has roughly 20% of the population of the town I currently live in, and the digital conversion has not happened there yet, all their channels are still fine.

Every competent business would have tested the digital conversion in smaller areas to see how the customers would have reacted. I just discovered that there is about 20 more channels about 98, which this might sound incredibly lazy but I frequently would flip through channels to see what was on, you cant do that anymore because they are so far spread out.

The reason that the USA passed the anti-trust laws banning monopolies is because of exactly what mediacom is doing. They don't even try to help the customers, and until they are gone, we cannot have a cable company that cares about their customers.

I also learned this weekend of more Mediacom moves. Lots of people my age live in apartment complex's with lots of wireless networks you can join, and the smart people know how to bypass security codes (I've been told its not near as hard as what people assume). If someone downloads things illigeally via your wireless network, Mediacom will kick you off their internet. Now here is the kicker, even if your neighbor gets on your network and downloads a movie which leads to you getting banned from mediacom, THEY ALSO CHARGE YOU AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE EVEN IF THEY ARE THE ONES THAT TERMINATE YOU.

Mediacom is not customer oriented, they really are only trying to suck every possible penny out of their customers that they possibly can.


I know we can offer a better experience than you've had so far and would be happy to help. Email your complaint and account information to and we will do everything in our power to help in any way that we can.


I feel your pain, and I'd like to help. The digital lineup is confusing, and as far as I can tell, every cable provider has a similar mess of channels. Feel free to lookup Charter and Comcast digital lineups yourself. The channel numbers are determined by the broadband frequency that carries the channel.

HBO GO has recently been launched and is available free to all HBO subscribers.

Local office front counter reps have limited customer service training. Their job is to take payments and to collect/ swap digital equipment. The best way to get your problems resolved is to call the customer service line.

The modem price used to be included in the price of internet service, but many people had their own modems and thought it was unfair that they paid the same price. The price of internet was reduced and the modem charge added to address this. It is cheaper to have your own modem, and repair it yourself.

Cable companies often receive the same complaints, and your absolutely right about the franchise agreement. You can ask your local government more information about how that works, when it expires, etc.

I hope this info helps.

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