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I was on the phone for 45 minutes with a young girl in "80 degree sunny warm Pensecola Florida" to get my questions answered and to see about taking advantage of the bundle price they offered in dsm ia. I do not care about her weather when I am sitting in 30 degree cold weather, I was calling about their plan.

I set up the plan, and after two "reschedules" I still have not had the service connected when I prepaid for the service because the installation tech cannot read the order and just come to the door as expected. When I did get someone to the door I was on the phone with their home office to get the problem resolved and told the tech to wait at the door and he got in and left, making me be on the phone for 2.75 hours to try and get him back. He did not come back. I had to drive to the local office to get a supervisor.

They set up another time and that person again played the phone games and did not come to the home, I still do not have service.

Management is doing nothing after leaving several messages. They are HORRIBLE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: People who did nothing to resolve the problem.

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To update the issue after 4 (yes four) attempts and many phone calls and discussions with supervisors, they finally came to the home and installed the internet and TV but not the phone as they said it would take a couple weeks to port. From the 4th visit they have been out 3 more times because something was not working and now they say because I have my "OWN" modem that is the problem.

When I was initially on the phone for almost an hour we discussed me purchasing my own modem rather than "renting theirs at a ridiculous price. They told me it had to be a DocSis3 modem so I went out an bought one, but low and behold it did not have a phone jack outlet come to find out when the tech was finally at the home. They did not tell me there had to be a phone jack when I was on the phone for almost an hour. Then I find out no business in my area sells a DocSis3 modem with a phone jack so I had to order over the Internet.

Now a couple weeks have gone by and I still do not have a working phone and now Mediacom says that my modem is not compatible or "approved" for their phone system and they cannot connect the phone. AUGH........is this going to stop....NO. Now I have received a bill from, remember I stated I prepaid for the service, and they are charging far more than what I signed up for, and there is about $90.00 in surcharges and taxes. CAN SOMEONE STOP THIS MONOPLY?

When you call to get help you are talking to someone in another state and does not understand the issue, they know nothing about the equipment, and do not give good recommendations.

Does anyone know how to stop this onslaught of stupidity by Mediacom? What happened to "the customer is always right" and trying to make the customer happy?

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