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And for some reason it shows I\'m from Eldridge, IA.....I\'m actually in Mason City, IA

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My husband ordered internet through Mediacom after we had been with our previous provider for several years. I was pleased with them and their services but my husband wanted faster speeds for games he and my sons played on the PS3 so I reluctantly agreed to try it.

The installer tech came out and hooked up our service and I paid him the $30.00 fee that per the representative who setup our new account stated was for the first months bill. Later that night, I was trying to connect my laptop to the internet using my brand new router and was unable to do so. I also wasn't able to connect my desktop, Wii. My PS3 connected only when directly plugged into the router and/or Mediacoms modem.

After getting fed up with messing with it for 2 days I called on Saturday (2 days after our installation date) and after a confusing explanation by a representative that I still have yet to understand I had to setup another installation of a router/modem since I wouldn't be able to connect wirelessly at all with a secure connection unless I did so. I was told I had to pay $39.95 to the installer when he came that following Wednesday (another 4 days later) and I questioned why I had to pay for that again when I had just paid them $30.00 the day of initial installation 2 days before and asked if I would receive credit for it on my bill and the representative could not explain to me why I was having to pay it again or if I would receive credit. Well Wednesday came and the installer called me to reschedule due to not having any router/modems available. We rescheduled for another 2 days for Friday.

The installer came out and hooked up our router/modem and told us we could return the brand new router we had purchased as it was of no use to us now. I asked if we had to pay him and if he knew why and he stated we didn't owe him anything. It's been almost a month now since installation and I received a bill. In reviewing my bill it shows that I not only paid for the low internet service for ONLY 2 DAYS but also that I paid for the installation of and service of the upgraded internet service!!!!!

Which adding what I paid the day of the initial installation ($30.00) together with my bill I received for ONE MONTH OF SERVICE ONLY.....the total is asinine at close to $130.00!!!!! I'm mad and KNEW switching would be a mistake and want to cancel since I don't have time to mess around with multiple phone calls to get the runaround.

However, my husband wants to see if we get an answer here first. We'll see.

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I just switched to Mediacom as well, asked for the fastest internet and unbeknownst to me they gave me the slowest. I guess I need to work on my Tagalog because my oder was screwed up 3 times.

The installer actually had to spend 2 hours here (on the phone with CS) getting them to give me the ultra. He finally got it straightened out and we are very pleased.

Not only are we saving money but our internet has never been faster. I also had that knee *** reaction to their poor service at first, but with a little patience (not the employees fault the company hires and then doesn't train its incompetent CSR'S)you will be happy you made the change.

Signed Kate from Davenport Iowa ;)


Don't bother trying to cancel....without you knowing it, signed a 2 year contract. We also got MediaCom when we moved to a new state, and didnt find out until a few days later...after a dozen calls to them about crappy cable, internet, and phone service, that we were locked into a 2 year contract.

I have place many calls to get a copy of our signed contract, but was told it was an outside marketing company that had taken our initial call, and we would have to call them. We have tried many times, but they can not locate the recording of the authorization of the contract.

We have contacted a lawyer, and will let him deal with MediaCom. He seems to be getting the run around also.


I would be more than happy to go over your account for you. Please send us an email to with your account number or your phone number and we will do everything we can to make this right.


Watch Media com closely at first. Your husband may be right, you will save money but only after you "earn" it by calling them multiple times to get it straightened out. They have work to do in customer service as some of their reps are VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

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