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We are senior citizens and our phone is bundled with the internet/email, so as a result when the internet goes out (which it does quite often) we have no phone to report the problem. I end up driving around town until I see a Mediacom truck and then tell him/her about it.

The problem is that Mediacom enjoys a monopoly status and they really do not care about their service, only their greedy profits. We used to have outages several times a month. It is now many times each week, and all my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Since they have no competition, customer complaints are just laughed at.

Either give us some competition to turn to or give us some legal clout. I am tired of being screwed by corporate greed.

David Buckner

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Customer Care.

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You should not have had to experience that many issues and service interruptions with our service. If you would like to send me an email with your phone number or account number to I will do everything I can to make this right.


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