disconnected svc due to out of state move,. tried for 2 mo (4 times) to get someone to tell me wht I owed or where my bill was They disconnected my online bill pay account so this option was no longer available.

after 2mo finally got a rep to tell me what I owed and I paid it at that moment I was told my bill was paid in full.no mention was ever made that they had been attempting to send me a statement or collect . (they contend that their bills are somehow the only bills in the world that do not forward to a new address by USPS) I gave them my forwarding address regardless, but apparently this was one of the many mistakes they made with this disconnection. Then 3 days later I receive a notice from a collection agency for bill and collection fee. Mediacom made no mention of this when I spoke with them 3 days prior.

After contacting Mediacom they acknowledged that I, in fact paid bill before collection notice and that it was resolved. I called back within 5 min to inquire as to how collection company had my correct address but yet Mediacom claimed to not know it, that is when 2nd rep told me that I still owed the collection fee, (when would I have found out I still owed them money. I argued to the death that I should not owe them another 12.00 because I had never received a bill from them to begin with. Finally she agreed to "submit" approval to have this fee taken off.

Supervisor was supposed to call me back.. but has not called me back yet (so true to form) I am demanding that they produce something tangible to me stating I have satisfied my debt with them because I do not trust them. (collection company said that mediacom has already closed the account with them) so they can no longer collect on the account. So Mediacom gets the 12.00.

How many times do they do this to thousands of customers? constant problems with right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing, poor customer svc, many svc outages, incompetent techs. as with everyone else's complaint, in our area it is either dish or Mediacom...

they would not be in business if there were any other choices.. just want proof that I am finally finished with this company will chose them again if I move back to that area

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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