I called Mediacom today because my Internet quit working. I talked with John, who happened to be very condenscending and rude, and he told me that my problem was with my new computer and there was nothing he could do about it.

I'm not exactly computer illiterate, so I asked to talk to his Supervisor. She was very nice and fixed my problem almost immediately.

My point is this - Mediacom needs to not only hire technical support that actually knows what they're doing, but they also need to hire customer-friendly people.

His rudeness and tone with me was completely unprofessional, and if his supervisor hadn't been so gracious and helpful I would be looking into other internet providers now. He was going to let me hang up the phone with no resolution, and if I had, I guarantee you I would have cancelled within the hour.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Technical Support.

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Stoughton, Wisconsin, United States #1251517

When I called and ordered my service I was told that pretty much unlimited outlets and the the tech gets here and says other wise so I cancelled my previous company and now the tap is not working so not only am I out of TV they say can't get to you till next week and can't do it then asked them to get me set up for tomorrow and they said we have no openings so guess won't be able to have TV for about two weeks and no one in customer service don't seem to care of course


You shouldn't have been treated that way and I am very sorry you had to go through that trouble. I am glad the supervisor was able to help you.

I would be happy to submit a formal complaint for that representative on your behalf. Please email us at SocialMediaTeam@Mediacomcc.com and we will be able to get that submitted.

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