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I just filed a complaint earlier today against Media *** ( intentionally misspelled) tech who installed my INTERNET service today. He drilled a hole in my wall and attach their equipment but for some reason he felt he was not suppose to hook up their INTERNET to my computer.

Per the tech, he only installs Mediacon equipment and does not hook-it up to the consumers equipment. So, how in the h#$$,is he suppose to determine if the INTERNET is functionally on my end. He was rude unprofessional and elicit a verbal confrontation with me in the presence of my daughter. A 8 am-10am appointment went until almost 1-2pm.

with 2 trips by the same *** tech. The first time to install ( box , hole the wall and attach their cable to my utility pole) and the second after calling Mediacon to file a compliant about the inability to access the INTERNET. My whole day was wasted and didn't have the opportunity to conduct my personal affairs. He said I had to tell him.

( what equip) Why should I tell this *** when he is sitting at my PC attaching cable wires to Mediacon box. What else was he going to hook it up to -- the wall, my DIRECTV box, the TV. I initiated-service on 11/17/ or 11/18/2016. CSRep did not informed of the Cash on delivery ( COD) policy at the time of the installation.

He calls me at 7:45 am to inform me of this important oversight by the CS rep. This was the start of a Horrible service day. After hole, pole and attaching the box he left after "showing" me where to put a telephone and Ethernet cable line in the box if I have one.. So am thinking all I had to do is connect to the INTERNET using the phone line already attach to my PC not thinking about an Ethernet line.

I had been a subscriber to dial-up since 1996 ( do not laugh pretty decent for $9.99 mth). It just bothered others when they could not call me or talk to me while connected. I was never told that I was responsible for purchasing one prior to the installation date. I called Medicon again went thru 2 CSrep , filed the complaint and he return again this time with an Ethernet cable telling me he isn't responsible for hooking up my PC just their equip.

Once again how am I to access the INTERNET if he doesn't test the equip on my end AND per one CSRep have to tell him. He is squatting at my PC desk so what did he think that it was a bed , dresser with A 20 inch monitor screen . During my calls , I ask CSRep what did I pay $97.12 under the disguise of installation if I have to purchase an Ethernet cable and hook it to the PC MYSELF. All agreed it was the Tech job, responsibility to provide the cable and hook it up to the PC.

Why would I purchase an Internet upgrade to just get a box and a hole drilled in my wall. He NEVER asked and I assumed the obvious he knew ----monitor / tower - duh in plan sight and right beside the wall he drilled the hole in. double duh. During the verbal interaction he asking me if I have broadband or Wi-Fi- duh I told them over and over had dial -up for 20 plus years.

that does not compute Will Robinson. He knows his job and he is going to have a job and I am making this hard on myself-----all this in front of my sick daughter. I could not even leave her to handle the installation visit while sick. I was not able to obtain her any relief ( medications ) until after 2pm .

He is concerned about his other installation - yeah the money from those installs. CSrep told me they were contracted employees. Regardless, He is wearing Mediacon logo shirt and representing self as a Mediacon employee. top this he slams my glass door and did not close my door all while I am on the phone filing another complaint against him.

It is obvious that Mediacon Condone this type of behavior. I spoke with a Supervisor who half A@@ apologizes for his behavior and when I told her I want a refund/ credit if I had to hook up my PC, she offers a install fee waiver and she would credit it on the bill. Wait for the Bill to see if she was sincere. However I truly doubt it.

I purchase Internet and phone service with local , long distance and international calling. Just learned I can not make long distance calls . Make another call/complaint to CSrep. Today was not a good day!

However for the mean time due to other nearing affairs I will have too use them until I recovery from surgery 12/05/16 and then the hunt for another ISP begins. After this horrible CS experience, I will have all the Q&A written down when I inquire then call again to see if the response differs.

More than anything else assessing the consumer's ability to use the paid service is Mediacon's responsibility and obligation, not just drilling holes, scurrying up a utility pole and attaching their cable line to their equipment is the primary goal and it creates happy customers and long-lasting commitments. I guess Mediacon is more interesting in getting money by any deceptive means and utilizing people who do not care (but represent MediaCON) is their ultimate goal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Technician service.

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Past experiences with Mediacom made it difficult for me to give them another try. However, upon moving back to the city, they were the only viable option.

Although initially aprehensive, I am pleasantly surprised. Unlike before, this time the contractor who installed my service was GREAT! He was on time, thorough, and very professional. Thank you Walter D.

If the quality of the service is equal to the quality of the installation I just may become another satisfied customer.

Time will tell. Again...great job Walter!

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