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Internet service completely stopped working at about 8 PM every night. This went on for about two weeks, so I called and scheduled an appointment for a technician for a Sunday afternoon between 1 and 3 PM.

This appointment was a week after I called them about the problem. I could not get a sooner appointment. By 3:15 PM on the scheduled Sunday, no one had shown up. I called mediacom to find out why they were not here yet.

I was informed that the technician had called at 1:58 PM and left a voicemail when no one answered the phone. This is highly unlikely, considering the fact that the phone was in our possession and working properly during that time. In other words, I contend that the technician lied about calling us, just to get out of his job earlier that day. I also contend that there is no good accountability of the technicians when they do this.

When I called customer service at 3:15 PM they told me that they were putting me back on the schedule and there would be a technician here by 8 PM that day. Approximately 6 PM, I called again just to make sure that they were coming. At this time I was told by customer service that there would likely be no one coming and there was never a guarantee that they would.

And the service rep put me on hold and told me they would get with their supervisor to find out when this could be rescheduled. After about five minutes of sitting on hold, I hung up and immediately called a different company to set up their service.

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