I worked for Mediacom for 7 months and just loved the job. I worked day and night never missed a day and was never late.

After 7 months I was called into my bosses office for what I thought would be my review. I was shown a bag of parts that my boss said I left at a job site. I had never seen the bag before and it was not mine. I was then told I was not making the numbers needed to continue employment.

I do not know how that could be as I finished all my work orders each day and helped out other technicians when I was done early. I did outstanding work and took pride in my work and employment. Needless to say I was crushed when I was let go for no good reason. No warnings, nothing just like that I was let go.

I am sorry I worked so hard to be treated in this manner. Please take this as a warning.

I have much experience in installing DirectTV and Dish. I will no longer continue this line of employment.

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