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When I signed up with Mediacom I never predicted the kind of *** I would be going through now. After just getting off an hour phone call (literally 57min.

Long) the supervisor informed me that she will have someone else "call me back" this is the line you will get time after time with Mediacom. "Within 24 to 48 business hours a supervisor will give you a call back". After hearing this line so many times I was about ready to scream. I was also transferred around and on hold most of the call.

Having to explain your situation over and over really gets old. Anyways I'll rewind a Little farther about the purpose of this call in the first place. My Internet was never working and by never I mean there was problems with it at least 3 times a week. We had called numerous times to try and get this resolved.

Mediacom sent one if their techs out, nothing changed with the Internet. Calls and calls later another tech comes and goes. By this time we are a little shy of a year and a half into our two year contract. Sick of paying them for nothing we decide to cancel our service.

To cancel our service it takes several calls as well. They insist on charging a hefty early termination fee. Why should the customer get charged for something that isn't working in the first place? After arguing with them again a lady from Mediacom says the fee will be waived and the bill I had previously paid is my last bill.

Great! Everything is good in the world until I start getting collection notices. A whopping $343.00! That's more than 3 months of Internet and cable services.

Furious I call them and am told they cannot do anything. I tell them to listen to the calls and they say they will and then will call me back. Never receiving that call, I called them back today. The lady who answered said she would put me on hold and review the call where they told me there would be no early termination fee.

She picks back up the phone after a 15 hold time, informs me that she listened to the first phone call where I signed up for the service and I had agreed to all the terms and conditions. Are you kidding me? Did I ask you to listen to THAT call? No I asked her to listen to the call where my service was "officially canceled without a fee".

That seems pretty straight forward to me. No? And now I wait until her manager comes in tomorrow to give me that ever so promising phone call back. Honestly I am not the type of person to yell and get angry with people like this or even write reviews.

I don't think I ever have. But Mediacom is THE WORST company I have ever come in contact with.

From their phone system, the employees,their supervisors, techs, their system of notes, and most importantly customer service. When you call Mediacom it always says this call may be recorded for quality assurance this is the worst example of quality assurance I can think of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $343.

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I completely understand your frustration with the level of service in which you have received. This is not what we expect our paying customers to go through, and will do everything I can to get this issue resolved. Can you send me an email with your account, phone number, or service address to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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