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I have been with Mediacom for over a year now. I signed up and bundled Internet, phone, and cable. Previously I had television through Direct TV, Phone and DSL through Lisco. I signed a two year contract because of the promises of faster Internet speeds and fewer service interuptions through cable on all services. I have had issues with connectivity, tiling, hardware, service, and every other aspect of business the industry could imagine from day one. They continuosly change out my cable box, check the connections in my house, and on the last visit-dug and buried a new cable from the house to the service box. When they put in the new cable, they admitted the line had been cut and they spliced it previously but it took a year for them to reveal this and replace it. With all the work they have done in my house and on my property, they still have not fixed the problems which frequently interrupt my business and relaxation. The company is expanding yet in the process they are losing consumers. They outsource most of the labor which has to do with digging and replacing cable. When you call tech support, you get an office in Florida instead of a local office which is familiar with you. Their customer service sector is not trained properly and has a very high turnover rate. They often make promises they can't keep and enter incorrect information into work orders. Scheduled appointments are not met and I often have to reschedule three times or more because nobody shows up at my house. I have had to call them so many times, I have purchased a prepaid phone for when their phone service goes down. The total cost of loading the phone to call them exclusively during outages at my house over the past year has been a little over $135.00. The company tries to pacify me by offering me discounts during the periods of outage yet I am still bound to a two year contract. Are they not also bound by this contract?

The first tech who was sent to my house was not doing his job properly. They have since replaced him and the new tech actually showed up with some people in suits to observe his work. The company they outsourced to bury the new cable did not install the cable properly the first time, leaving the line laying above ground and even over a sidewalk which resulted in me being notified of the breach in city ordinance. I have had so many problems and heard so many excuses through contact with them, I likely know more about their service and company than any of the people who answer the line when I call.

The substation in town goes out every thunderstorm. It has a back up generator but it only lasts ten minutes. The company contracted with the city for the permissions to lay their lines but did not meet the requirements their either. Most towns have two lines run in to the town in case one is severed or loses connection, for some reason we do not. I know several people in my town who have left their contracts and were charged outrages sums for their leaving early. My neighbor, an older lady, disconnected her wervice with Mediacom and paid a little over $9,000.00 to have an old style antenna installed.

I have arrived at the point where I am turning down discounted offers meant to pacify me and demanding I get what I pay for. I have had to call the company between five and ten times a month for the last year. The local tech actually gave me his personal number because the local branch office cannot get clear communiction from the customer service department or main offices. NONE of the things promised to me have been delivered.

The truth is, I have had Direct TV and DISH previously and BOTH had fewer interuptions than my cable service as provided by Mediacom. My DSL service through Lisco provided 3 meg download and two up but I very rarely had issues with connectivity or net lag. Mediacom promised me 10 to 12 down and 3 up yet I receive 5 meg or less (on average) when it actually stays connected. Bundling through Mediacom is highway robbery. It sounds like a good deal with the discounts and all, and it would be, if they actually provided the services they promised. Now when their service is down, which is usually for 2 to three days at my house, I lose everything. No phone. No internet. No cable television. Our country has become too lax in enforcing the laws when it comes to corporations, often only citing them after major damage has already been done to the economy. Mediacom isn't a disaster waiting to happen. It is already a disaster, just looking to move into your town. I would recommend citizens of any community stand up and prevent this company from entering your area. Go through ANYBODY else and you will receive better service and pay less.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Thank you for sharing your comments and concerns. This is certainly not the level of service we aim to provide to any of our customers. I would be happy to work on getting these issues resolved. Please email your account information to and I will do what I can to make things right.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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