My email has been going out sporadically for over a month. I cannot access no matter what, internet, phone or normal.

It will be out from 10 minutes to 5-6 hours, very aggravating, since we use it for business.

Talked with tech support and their answer was we are working on it. I told them they needed to do whatever necessary to resolve the issue and they said we are working on it. You would think they could have solved it issue since I, and I'm sure many others, have been having on going problems.

If customers started cutting their service off, maybe that would get their attention.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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They always say they will "take a look" but they never do. Our service got worse with time.

Started with the wifi and progressed to the point that we couldn't get on the internet at the terminal that was HARD WIRED to the cable. Called three times to schedule technician. All three times we were told they would call us back to schedule the appointment; they never called back. After the third call we hired AT&T as a dsl provider and have had no problems AND faster upload/download speeds.

A dsl connection that out performs a cable connection. Go figure.


the problem was going on before I moved here,5 years later getting worser and worser

Fullerton, California, United States #828861

Hey, I'm very sorry you're having this issue, that is not the level of service we expect to provide. We can most certainly take a look into your internet problem.

It sounds like an issue with the signal the modem is receiving. If you want to send us an email at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com we'll dig deeper into the issue!


Mediacom Social Media Team

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