So, in 2010 I worked at Mediacom's internet tech support department, and also had an employee discount for cable/internet. At the time I lived in a house with 3 other guys and upon my move in, we transferred the existing equipment (cable box and VoIP modem) to my account and added 3 cable boxes.

So after being let go from Mediacom's, we switched to Qwest/Centurylink and I returned all of the equipment. For whatever reason atthe time of closing this account an error was made that doubled the equipment on my account; this led to me receiving a letter about this being sent to collections. I called and tried to explain my issue multiple times to no avail. Knowing how the company is able to lookup a devices link to an account I asked for them to search by serial which showed the devices as linked to nowhere.

Now, I "owe" 1600+ dollars to Mediacom for not returning non existant equipment. Any time I have tried to call, they essentially say that I am SOL and end the call. I'm led to believe that legal action may be the only approach.

This hit on my credit score has been awful and truly life affecting. Thanks a lot Mediacom.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $1650.

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YES! We moved out of state a year ago.

cancelled our service, paid the final bill, and returned the equipment. Now my phone is constantly being blown up by collections saying I owe Mediacom $500 for unreturned equipment.

I've tried contacting Mediacom and can't get through or they send me back to the automated ***. My credit score it *** now too because of it.


Hello, we will be happy to look into this and forward it to the correct department/person to address accordingly. Can you send us an email with your account or phone number to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com?

Thank You,

Mediacom Social Media Team

Saylorville, Iowa, United States #743823

While I know that they treat employees not much better than indentured servants (I work in the customer service department. we have 3x the sales goal that internet support has and we make $3/hour less), the rules are the same on the equipment.

Do you have the recpt where you turned the equipment in? Did you keep all of your service orders where they came out to install equip? Those can be used to research where the equip. is and prove that you either didn't have it installed or it was returned.

All equip. changes are done by date. even if it is just changing what room the equip.

is assigned to. (or outlet for those who are in the know on internal lingo.) So, to me, this just sounds like someone trying to stir up bad feelings for Mediacom.

to Anonymous #845187

No one has to "stir up" bad feelings for Mediacom. Mediacom does a fine job on their own.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #731108

Do they have a Facebook page? Post your experience if so.

You may also want to contact any local tv stations that offer help for consumer situations like this. Good Luck


Don't let them get away with this. Get started disputing the charges with all three credit bureaus using the line "not a valid charge".

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