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We have had nothing but problems with mediacom since we started using their services! Internet is horrible.

It goes out constantly. Customer service is awful! They are so rude and unhelpful. We tried getting phone service through them, and they said they couldn't because our address didn't exist, even though we already have Internet through them.

They made us go through a huge process, and automated phone called us about it 3-5 times a day! This went on for nearly a month, before we finally just gave up on getting phone service. Their billing department is awful. We send payment through mail, and they claim it's late and charge us late fees all the time!

Regardless of when we send it, it's always a day late! Rude customer service person told me it doesn't matter when it's post marked for, because they can't control the mail! For some reason i can send things across the country in 3-5 days but my mail a state away to mediacom always takes over a week? To top it all off, they incorrectly entered the social security number on the account, so it's a huge hassle every time we call, and they want us to travel to their out of state department to fix their error!

Horrrrible company! Worst I've ever had to deal with!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Middletown, New York, United States #625686

I apologize for the problems that you have experienced with our service. I would love to make things right. Please send us an email to socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com with your account number or phone number, and we will get these issues taken care of.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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