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I cancelled Mediacom when I moved out of the service area. I had signed a 2 year agreement so I was aware I would have to pay a cancellation fee.

I returned my equipment and the customer service rep told me it was be $155.74, which I could take my time paying off if that was too much at once. I received my final bill in the mail and it said that it was due 5/18/16. Starting the first week of May I began receiving collection calls. I typically missed the calls since I was busy at school and the messages did not specify what the collection was for.

Around 5/10 I answered one of these calls and she said she was calling to collect a debt for Mediacom. I told her my final bill said payment wasn't due until 5/18/16. The lady was very rude and told me I needed to pay today plus a $31 collection fee or this would go on my credit report. I told her that I was at school and did not have my checkbook with me and that I would pay later.

I asked her to make a note in my file to stop calling me (they were calling everyday). The calls continued daily. I received a letter in the mail dated 5/11/16 from the collections company saying I owed the $155.74 plus a $31 collection fee or my credit report would be effected. I tried to pay my final bill through Mediacom but I was told my account did not exist.

I paid through the collection agency so these people would stop harassing me and I had to pay the $155.74 plus $31 collection fee plus a $5.95 electronic check fee. Mediacom never called me once to remind me to pay or attempt to make payment arrangements with me and my final bill was dated with a due date of 5/18! I wasted almost $37 since these idiots had to send me to collections before I was even due. I would advise people to stay away from Mediacom.

Even when I had it, the internet was spotty and often went out. Shady business practices.

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Easley, South Carolina, United States #1215814

You should of told them to stop calling you or you would get a lawyer. If you have the mandated date, there is nothing they can do about it.

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