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I have my home telephone, internet and cable TV bundled with Mediacom. We frequently lose all services for several hours at a time. Our service probably drops out once a month, sometimes more often. I have to call their customer service on my cell phone, spending several minutes on hold and burning through my account fund, usually to be told no more than that the service is out and won't be fixed for several hours.

The last straw was when we lost the TV service 10 minutes before the Vikings/Packers wildcard game. My wife was climbing the walls and when I finally got through to customer service, the guy just chuckled and said "Service out in Minnesota... we are about to get bombarded."

Its very frustrating because its very convenient to have the service bundle, but no other cable companies service this area. I'm switching to Dish for my TV, but unfortunately I'll still have to go through Mediacom for my internet and phone, they're the only company servicing this area. I hate government-mandated monopolies.

My kids have had late schoolwork assignments because of Mediacom's poor service. I have been unable to work at home because of Mediacom's poor service. We were unable to watch my niece's television appearance because Mediacom's service was out. Mediacom apparently doesn't give a ***, because nothing ever improves. I've had it! They've lost a customer for TV service and if the opportunity ever arises, they will lose my internet business also.


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The level of service you have received thus far is unacceptable and not what we expect our customers to experience. We will be happy to help you with the connection issues you are having. Can you send us a message with your account or phone number to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com?


Mediacom Social Media Team

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