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Been with Mediacom since December. I now understand why they rank at the bottom of Consumer Reports reviews. When it works, it's great. is frequently down. Internet is down often for short periods then back up. Cable, until this week, has been good. Thursday, everything is down. Tech support says my house only and best they can do is Wednesday, 8/6 -- nearly a week. Then, I get an email advising service date is now 8/12 -- almost two weeks. I call to complain, they assure me it's my drop and improve service date to Saturday. Friday morning, everything works and I cancel the call. Hours later, everything down again. Now, I'm told it's not my drop it's an area problem. Friday night, back up. Saturday morning, everything down again. Again, am told it is my drop only and Wednesday is best date possible. I plead my case as tech is in my neighborhood, I can see his truck, but no, Wednesday is best. So, I cancel phone and cable. That gets me moved up to Monday and they offer 2 weeks credit. I hold out for service today -- the truck is in my neighborhood. Nope. Monday it is. Then, the email's delayed to Wednesday..I call again, told it is my house only and Wednesday is best possible date.

Saturday, 8:00 pm, truck is in the neighborhood, tech is going from drop to drop testing signal. Three of my neighbors have no service, but's "my drop only." I ask the tech and he says it's the area and they are working on it.

Why can't they get their service act together? If it's an area outage, say so, don't say it's my house only....Did they tell my neighbors that as well? How about the guy across the street whose service hasn't been interrupted? You'd think that is a clue to the problem.

I also like the days when you call about trouble and get the recording that they cannot take any calls, except to accept payments! That's top notch service! Or when you're on hold to report your internet is down and they suggest you get help over the internet!! It's almost as if they are trying to upset their customers.

I have canceled phone and cable. Am looking for new internet provider and as soon as I find one, I'll be an ex-customer. I also will complain to the government agency that signs the franchise agreement...perhaps next agreement will allow competition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I assure you this is not the level of service we expect any of our customers to experience. Our Social media Team will be more than happy to look into these issues locally at your modem, as well as in the area to determine where the issue is occurring and address it accordingly. Can you send us an email to with your account or phone number?

Thank You,

Mediacom Social Media Team

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