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My internet goes out EVERY WEEKEND! Not once in a while, but every stinking weekend! Saturday evening to Monday morning the internet is down.

I call to tell them about the outage and either get goalkept by the automated system, or get what I got tonight a snide, snotty *** operator trying to blame my modem for the problem.

I have had it with this fraudulent company. They charge outrageous prices for cut-rate service that is less dependable than a car that has a hole in its radiator.

I'm filing a Better Business Bureau complaint and I hope that all of you will to. It is outright FRAUD to charge someone for something that you are not giving them. After I file my complaint, I'm going with AT&T U Verse. Yeah, it's more expensive, but at least I can count on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Yea they will offer u a $4 credit for the inconvenience lmao! I am taking online classes to get my Bachelor's and have went from a high B to a C- due to assignments being late and being kicked from seminars because their internet goes out daily and they refused to credit me anything more then $4!

I am paying $950 for one of these classes and I am about to fail it!

Maybe that $4 will take care of that! I am utterly disgusted by their high prices for *** service.


Maybe it is your modem. Obviously there is far more neighborhood traffic on the Internet on the weekends and your modem would need to be at 100% strong working capacity to keep a good strong signal while the rest of the users are trying to hog the service. Any weakness or slight malfunction of the modem will cause your own outage in your place


You are able to get credit for every day the service is out, so you are not being honest here.

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I apologize for the recent problems you have had with your Mediacom services. I will be happy to work on getting this resolved. Please email me at and I will work with the local technical management to ensure this connection problem gets fixed.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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