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My husband and I wanted to have the dvr removed because we never use it anymore. The cable man came to get the box, but he also removed the cable box as well in spite of my objections.

We were paying extra to receive the religious programs, which we now do not have on the main t.v. Also cannot get the guide which I need for information on programs and when they air.

We want the cable box back, but not the dvr. No one is listening to me. I cannot seem to get those monkey butts to understand what we need. They are acting so incompetent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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I'm Chris with the Mediacom Social Media Team. I apologize for the issues with the service. I would love to look into this and see what happened to your cable box and do all we can to get this fixed. If you want to reach out to us to get this fixed, please email me at socialmediateam@mediacomcc.com and I will do all I can to correct this.



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