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Let me start by saying my internet went out on a Tuesday night around 11pm. Wednesday night at 7pm it was still out so I called Mediacom to see what was up. After waiting on hold for 14 minutes I spoke to a male CSR who had me troubleshoot everything. He said everything was fine with my modem and my account so it had to be MY HOME NETWORK. I spent 19 minutes on the phone with him before he told me he was going to transfer me to the "tier 2 troubleshooters". Was on hold for 5 more minutes before speaking to another male CSR who literally had me troubleshoot the SAME THING the first person had me do. (Unplug modem, disconnect router, plug straight into modem etc etc). He then informed me that it was MY EQUIPMENT causing the problem. He then said and I quote "You will have to call your internet service provider back to schedule an appointment to have a technician come out." Ummm, what? Who is this guy? Turns out Tier 2 troubleshooting is a third party, thanks for the heads up Mediacom. And it also turns out that if they can't solve your problem, you have to call Mediacom back and wait on hold again, then explain your situation to a different CSR. Total call length once connected, 14 minutes.

So time spent so far: 14+19+5+14 = 52 minutes.

I call Mediacom back, wait on hold for a brief 7 minutes and finally get ahold of a female CSR this time. I tell her what has just happened and am at this point fuming. Her response after I tell her what I've been through... "It looks like there is an outage in your area".


But rest assured, they already had crews dispatched to restore service. Then, and this takes the cake. After knowing I had spent an HOUR waiting on hold, trouble shooting, being told my network is messed up, waiting on hold again, troubleshooting again, being told AGAIN it was my network, calling mediacom back, waiting on hold some more only for them to tell me its an outage...this female CSR had to courage to try and sell me Phone and TV service.

I declined the offer and told her "If you can't even provide something as simple as internet connectivity why the F--- would I want even more services from you?" I hung up before she had an opportunity to respond.

The only thing keeping Mediacom in business is the government sponsored monopoly. Hopefully someone like Verizon or Google brings internet/TV service to Mediacoms territory to finally close this place down.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You should not have to go through that much trouble to find out what was causing your service interruption. If you have any further issues with your internet service you can email me at with your phone number or account number and I would be more than happy to assist with your service issues.


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