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Mediacom has the worst customer service and internet speed. When calling customer service the answer is always "We'll have to schedule a tech to come out, he will be there in about a week" no one ever shows up!

When I call to complain about the no show the excuse changes to we know there is a problem its not at your house we are working on it.

Well its been two years, now who do I need to contact? I think I have been through every supervisor they have with nothing but we will look into it and get back to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Ames, Iowa, United States #701006

Mediacom has terrible costumer service, always trying to sell me a package I do not want when I call and I had to talk to them for an hour to get the price of internet and cable when it is not packaged. Once we got the internet set up it got worse.

We paid for 105 mbps and get around 25 mbps on average. I know they say up to 105 but I should be getting more than 25% of whats advertised.

Also the internet will randomly go out for a day at a time. Unreliable and a ripoff.


I have had mediacom internet service for years, and i have been unsatisfied for years as well. In March 2011 i switched to the 20Mb max service, last night I test my internet speen and it would not even hit 5Mb...same old story everytime I call, they will send someone out and fix it...They do come out on occasion, but the problem still persists. As soon as ATT UVerse hit my area, I will be changing.


I have had crappy service for 3 years as well with Mediacom. Phone service and internet are out more than on.

Was told by customer service that I should have a back up phone cuz the phone was only as good as the internet...unreliable. Well I finally got mad and spent 5 days calling everyone I could get hold of at Mediacom....I even told them their pole and wire fell down in my yard and they told me to mow around it til they got out there. Finally after having numerous managers and supervisors who couldnt believe I had any type of service because the transformer on the pole just fell apart in their hands. It took 3 years, a lot of phone calling and demands for credit for no service, but they finally got it right.

pfft.....If there was another cable company I would switch in a minute. :?


Mediacom Internet services have to be the worst anywhere. Unreliability is extreme.

It may be up for five-minutes and then down for five. It may run at 11MBS for a while and then at 1MBS. It may be off altogether for days at a time. I live in an area where there is no choice so I have to use Mediacom.

But if I had any other choice I would definitely never use Mediacom.

Their customer service is equally appalling. I really do not know how they stay in business.


i work for the company and what they do is over sell the internet to wheere they have to many subs on a node......this causes major speed issues to the point where you are getting dial up speed...its called UTILIZATION....and as a employee i am about to get att bc i cant get the speeds i should bc they chose to over sell areas and do nothing about it


I agree with the terrible speed. For 3 years I was paying for their 15mb service but was averaging about 5-6mb.

7 or so on a good day. This was 2 different addresses (and nodes) with both properties having fresh drops direct to the modem. Switched over to DSL last year and averaging 9-10mb on a 12mg plan. All for the same price of course.

I spent a year on the phone with mediacom telling them they had issues.

Finally at the end, when I was getting ready to drop them, the phone tech admitted they had been having hardware issues for months and that they were about 6mo out on implementing the equipment to fix their problems. The company is a joke.


I have no problem with them they always seem helpful 8)

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