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well the servicemen just left. Their explanation.

WE are aware of the problem. Due to the 10K (whatever) upgrade some two or three weeks ago??? It is a top priority. We have engineers coming in and working on the the problem.

FOR three weeks???? Well at least they are honest I THINK. They leave I go ONLINE and it\'s worse I mean terrible. Waiting here for a connection so I can POST THIS.

These guys pull up in a fancy service van with custom graphics all over it. On tv I see constant ads touting great features, blazing internet tv phone etc. $29 a month I pay $60 for internet alone and get ***. I\'m just a *** customer but it seems to me a little less spent on patting yourselves on your backs and more equipment that works might be the way to go.

In the mean time any heavy demands on the internet(downloads, streaming etc) kicks it out. I guess I can flunk my online courses or doing ANY buisness is OUT. Do I even get offered a rebate?? You all know the answer to that one.

I volunteer any rebate that might be coming to me to go towards REAL working equipment!!! MEDIACOM american greed at it\'s best.

Original review posted by user Jul 01, 2012

Like everybody else. Internet on again off again.

Couldn't even talk to a rep. I get a simple recording that says Yah we got a problem. But you can't talk to a rep. Goodbye !!!

Finally got a rep who admitted he has no clue as to when this problem will be fixed. This has been going on for weeks. And that's after losing all service for a few days. Cut cable somewhere.

I pay full price for half service. What Kind of "bleeping" company is this???

Can somebody get a class action suit going around here? Or maybe I could pay my bill sometimes yes sometimes no???

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They told me last night when I called that I'd be credited for the downtime. This might be fine and dandy to Mediacom, but it doesn't help when people have to do things online. I'm going to have to go to the school computer lab today to get work done because my connection has failed 7 times so far this morning.

Why doesn't Mediacom provide a better solution: allow people to get out of their contracts early so they can shop around for a better, more reliable provider?


Nick I emailed you about the lawsuit. I would be enterested in joining.

I think they should warn people about their service before they make you sign a contract. Also I cant help but feel they are in breech of contract when they can not provide the services listed.


My e-mail is Recently talked with a lawyer about a class action suit. If interested e-mail me. The lawyer said that we will have a case bc mediacom knows that they can't provide the service, but still charge us and sign up new customers knowing full well that they can't provide the service


You should not have had to experience that many issues and service interruptions with our service. If you would like to send me an email with your phone number or account number to I can assist with getting your service issues resolved as well as make sure that your account is credited for the downtime you have experienced.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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