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My story starts off with a ridiculous computer glitch that had my sign up for a service which is not available in my area (DVR)... which I did not know until the poor technician showed up and had to tell me the bad news. He explained that Mediacom's computer system says this service is available at my address, but because no one had "fixed the glitch", sales representatives were still giving people this false information. And of course I had to miss work to be at my house for a service to be installed that was not what I signed up for.

The tale continues- since DVR is not available in my area, I called and asked about ordering a cable card for use with a TiVo device to replace the DVR I wanted from Mediacom that turned out to not be available. This call went smoothly, and service was scheduled for the same week- I was pleased. Until I got a call from the technician (again, not a customer service representative, but the poor technician...) the day of the scheduled service telling me that Mediacom's technology does not support cable cards in my area. Yah. This time, my husband had taken off work to be avaiable for installation. I was understandably upset that both my husband and I had taken time off work twice, and had been given misinformation twice over the phone. This has lead to numerous hours on the phone with mediacom, and lost money due to missing work and the pruchase of a useless TiVo. ALL DUE TO MISINFORMATION CAUSED BY A "GLITCH".

After Mediacom lied to me the second time about what services were avaliable in my area, and wasted more of my time and money, I'd had enough. I called Mediacom and really let this poor customer service representative named Anne have it. So Anne, if you're reading this, I apologize again. But I was MAD. I asked Anne (after I got no where in terms of Mediacom rectifying the situation for me through Anne) if I could speak with her supervisor. About 7 minutes later, she told me she was unable to transfer me to a supervisor due to a "glitch" (yes, another "glitch") in their phone systems. She then asked for my number and assured me a supervisor would return my call. That was last Thursday. When yesterday (Monday), a supervisor had still not returned my call, I again called Mediacom and again asked to speak to a supervisor after explaining one was supossed to have called me back over the weekend. This customer service rep. told me both of her supervisors "were busy", and asked if she could have one of them call me back when they were free. I asked if she could PROMISE me that this would actually occur due to my previous expererience, and she said "yes". So I waited for 2 hours- no call back. So I called Mediacom AGAIN, and was this time told very curtly that supervisors return calls within 24-48 hours. I told this customer service rep. what a terrible business practice that was, expressed my extreme displeasure, and then hung up- what else could I do?

What else could I do? Go on-line to their website and submit a written complain, which is exactly what I did. The complaint was similar to this rant, although not as detailed. The website ensures a response within 24 hours. It's been well beyond that, and guess what? That's right, you guessed it- NO RESPONSE.

So I THEN searched the web looking for a magic phone number to be able to be transfered directly to a supervisor, and I stumbled on this website. Mediacom asks on this website that you try and contact customer service directly before posting on this site, and lists 2 numbers I had not yet called. So I humored them and called both. What did I get when I called the numbers? A voice recording telling me about the high volume of calls they are experiencing, and to "try my call again later". YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!

I HAVE HAD IT! If I had any other, and I mean ANY OTHER option for TV services, I would cancel my service with Mediacom. Unfortunately, I don't. I'm stuck. So this will be my proposal when I finally get my day in the sun and get to speak with the mythical Mediacom supervisor (yah, right):

1. I do not want to pay any more than $20.00 per month for my monthly Mediacom service as long as I am a Mediacom customer. They actually win in this deal as I feel $20 is far more money than their terrible service is worth.

2. I believe that Mediacom has brushed me off as "just one angry customer", and I beleive they need to experience some degree of appreciation for just how frustrating this situation has been, and to be inconvenienced enough that they feel a sting. As such, I propose they pay me (the exact sum TBA) for my wasted time and money, and for the stress and aggrivation dealing with their company has caused me. I propose this also so that they are either inconvenienced enough to update the Technology in my area so that the services listed in their computers are actaully available to the people they say they are available to, or that they simply "fix the glitch" in their computer system that caused all of this nonsense in the first place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

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We've had the exact same problems that you have been having, only our issues are related to mediacom internet service. We spend more time without internet than we do WITH it.

Like you, I believe it might be worth my while to propose only paying $20 a month for their services because that is probably more than what we actually use. I wish you the best of luck with your Mediacom woes!


The email address is


Mediacom Social Media Team


You should not have to go through this much trouble getting you services and speaking with a representative. If you would like to send me an email with your phone number or account number I would be more than happy to assist and see what is going on with the DVR service and cablecards in your area, as well as address the other concerns you have stated.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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