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Deceptive, bait and switch and flat out lying to consumers to get and retain business. In August of 2014 I purchased a property that had a Media Corp account. When the properties were sold as individual units, there was an arrangement made that the price would be $74.00 for us as individual owners plus tax. So the contact we had to work with spoke over the phone and I agreed to those terms. 2 Months alter the price went up about $5. I didn't worry about that too much but the following month another $5 or so. So i called and the rep told me it was because of the local channels changing their prices and the cost passed not on to me. Needless to say I was not happy but what could i do. Over the next few months I watch my bill go from $74 to $91 plus taxes with NO reason except story after story coming from the support people. That is $17 in less than year. In August of of 2015 we moved into our investment property as our permeant home is being built. So I wanted to up the internet speed and get boxes for the TV's to make it easier to use. When i spoke with Mediacom supply i recorded the call and inform the rep I was with no recourse. The rep is plain as day as stating my bill with the boxes and increased speed would be $104 with taxes with no increases because i was month to month. I asked again are you sure and can you repeat. The rep did and again this is recorded on my end and Mediacom's end. 2 months later, the price rose over $25. I called and was rudely hung up on, so I called again asking for supervisor. When the supervisor I told them the call was being recorded and again not dispute. That supervisor went on to tell me that they were getting the repo that i spoke to supervisor on the phone after they reviewed the call. and I should receive a call in 24 to 48 hours. Well 1 week later no call so I called again and got another supervisor, and again I told them I was recording the call with no dispute. He read the notes and said, yes they reviewed and listened to their call and sorry the rep was wrong and thats it. They have the right to increase on not follow through with what the rep said regardless of bringing recorded or not. I asked who next can I call and he gave me the corp number. I called the corp number and got Mellisa and she did object to the call being recorded so I asked for transcript of of our call afterwards. That was declined. However Melissa was nice and said she would look into it and promised to call me back before the days end. Melissa did but had no answers so she said she would call the next day Friday with an update. Melissa called Friday at 6 pm with the update that she would have to call Monday the following week. NO call from Melissa now in two weeks. I have called an left 3 messages with Melissa and waited on hold for over 60 minutes while they said they were tracking her down. As i write this, we are now working on the 3rd week with NO call from Mediacom. Mediacom has lied to me many times, raised my prices when they said they would and nothing is in writing or in contract. i have asked for in writing their by laws and terms and condition to prove they can do this and they have refused. They have refused to honor the prices they reps have stated over the phone even after listening to the call. Mediacom is the absolute worse cable and internet company I have ever seen. I have called into for support and every call takes 1 to 2 weeks to get any out to your residence to fix anything.

Your Desired Resolution:

I want my bill to be exactly what their rep said it would be. $104 with taxes. Nothing more will resolve being lied to so many times and not receiving calls back when they stated they would. They have stolen my money, provided LOSEY service and to kick it all off, I can't get any other service because they own the cooper in the ground into the property and the HOA will not allow dish tv. I am at their mercy and they know it so they feel the need to lie and take advantage of the situation.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I feel your pain. I, too, am in the EXACT same situation.

Mediacom Rep agreed to one price, and I wound up getting hit with multi $$ monthly bill increases.

They are notorious for fraudulent business tactics. I'm trying to find a way to sue them.


Try Harbor Communications they do cable and Internet in gulf shores...

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