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I have been with media com for over 8 years! I have cable and internet with them and what do they do??

Raise my rates! So I Try to go through the retention department to get my rates lowered back to their original rates and media com did lower my rates back to the rates i had previously but two days later, they take away some of my digital channels! I call media com to try and fix the problem and the representative tells me I now have to pay extra for those channels I previously owned!!! They were not even big named channels like HBO or show time!!

Wow can someone say take advantage of your customers!!

I will definitely not recommend media com to anyone I know and as a matter of fact i will rate it negatively on every site they have ratings because they take and scam you out of money and then also their services are consistently going out or something is wrong with them!! SMH

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Fullerton, California, United States #788837


I am sorry to hear about the recent issues you have had with your Mediacom services.

Please email me at and I will be happy to review your account and see what can be done here.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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