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The apartment we live in has a "deal" and their "own" Mediacom Rep...the deal is $59.95/mth for 12 months (then $69.95 next 12/mths) for Cable/internet. No other fees, yada yada.

First invoice arrives for $149.95....luckily we have the deal-contract (almost legible) stating our deal-i-O. Besides our "outages" during the first month, now the invoice is wrong, and the thought of calling Customer Dis-service gives me chills (Can I just slam my hand in a car would less painful and take less time to heal than on the phone with customer dis-service). Is this a serious company, really??? I keep looking around for the Prank Camera...and if Medi-ocre Com is they heck do they stay in business?

Worst ever cable/internet provider. Medi-ocre Com awful.

You'd think just with odds they could something right - even if by accident. You'd HAVE to work at being this bad.

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I would be happy to check into this billing issue. When you have a moment, please email your account information to



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