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Media com in Edenton, NC has been doing upgrades and has finally managed to put a drain on the system. I am a company trying to make a living. The computer is a prime resource for me to order parts and to find information as well getting vital information to do my job.

Mediacom has sold me a 10/3 package, in return i get internet that times out , no video ability and as for surfing it stops....

I have contacted them multible time in the past month, which thier customer support states that i should get my computer looked at. (not)

I finally got the field rep out and he just by passed my network and shock his head. when asked it he could fix it , he stated that not at this location.

Now it has been about 3 weeks with this crappy internet service , and yet another field rep comes out and does the same thing. I try and give them so slack, but after about 4 hrs after the tech left,, i call them ,, that right i have a company and i have to call them to make them find out an anwser to whether it can be fixed or not ,, the Rep states that he can not do anything except give me a credit... (now after losing a "little" bit of money because i dont have an internet connectivity to do my job) this is suppose to make me feel better and go away,, the Rep stated it will be 24-48 hrs before they can fix it .. this is bull. i have been on this for a month now , but because we are a small rural town with no resources and this being the only true cost effective internet connection ability . they can tell us what they want , they have us over a barrel and they know it ,, WHERE IS THE JUSTICE????????????? Media comm is really sucking in customer satisfaction and service... PLEASE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING BEFORE , small companies like me have to shut down......

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I would like to take a look at your accont to find out why this service problem continues to happen. Please email your account number or phone number to I will bring this up with the local technical management.



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