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I have and a media come cable cossing my yard diagnally and under my fence over my kids sandbox and along my house to the neighbor sthe cable is not on the easement and is not legal and i have also made alot of phone calls to get this trip hazard of my lawn . The legal limit they can leave a cable above ground in mn is 15 days regardless of season its now been 3 monthes and this is the second time they have left a cable lying in my yard the first one i ran over with my rider (oops lol) after 3 months the police arrived shortly after asked how long the cable had been there , laughed and said have a good day sir. this cable will meet the same fate

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We can definitely work to address this lying cable. If you'd like, please send us more information to SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com. Include your account number or phone number (or address if not an account holder) and we can work with the field to get this resolved. Place a copy of this complaint along with a reference to this site and we can document this problem. Thanks!


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