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We have had Media com for our television for years, and had them for several years for internet. Until 2010 when we were told we had downloaded something illegally. At that time I was only sent a letter and when I called they said "don't worry about it, we send these out as notification that you probably need better security on your router". We upgraded security left them for a faster service.

Two days ago because of a great "offer" we signed up again. Today our internet was "blocked". I found out that from (per Media com)notification they received (from the game provider) we had downloaded an illegal game. Which we own, and what we had done was download an update from the company's game site.

Media com informed us that this was our 2nd illegal dowload, counting the one from early 2010, and after 3 illegal downloads in your entire life they will drop you, and you will go on a "list". They said that the "list" is between carriers and we would not get service again from anyone. When I asked what if (like the last time) we didn't do it. I asked how was I sure what ever we are on the list for in 2010 was ever downloaded somewhere? All we had was their letter and accusation. I was told it by Derrick it didn't matter...guilty.

So, it seems you are guilty of downloading illegal items when A) you are told you did, or B)when you did it legally, or C)they suggest you need to upgrade your router protection. You are guilty, I was told by Derrick in Des Moines, Iowa no mater what. Did I miss the change in the Constitution about "innocent until PROVEN guilty"?

In the world of internet providers who blame "fast paced technology" on the reason I am guilty, and actually advise me now 2 times...I probably didn't download this, and it might even be legal, but it doesn't matter: I'm on the list now, 2x as guilty.

Is this legal...they say it is. Can I do anything? They told me other than contacting the game company in regards to the second time, no. I was also told about fines, jail time and lawsuits that would be brought against me if I did contact the game company. They felt the game company would sue me, and then they (media com) would also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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