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Due to a local ISP closing in my area in July of 2011, a number of my friends and co-workers were looking for a new provider at that time. A few recommended mediacom because they were offering a great deal for 24.95/month including modem with NO CONTRACT. Yes, month to month service at that price is hard to beat. I SPECIFICALLY remember the conversation with the salesman. Yes, I could get 24.95 with a two-year contract. I said "No, I might be moving, and I want to avoid any contracts at this time." He gave me the old "I'll check with my manager" routine. Then came back on the line to say it was approved, and he could proceed with setting me up as a month to month customer.

Now one year later, my bill inexplicably goes up to 39.95 with no explanation. I call to confirm why and am told that as part of my two year agreement my rate is now going up. Trying to hold in my frustration, I explain everything to their "retention department" (where I was transferred to once I started to explain to the customer service rep). They lady in that department just tells me "wow, that low of a rate would have had a contract". I repeat that I am CERTAIN I did not agree to this, and I want answers as to why they have me in their system as under a contract.

She says they will be pulling the phone conversation, and I replied "PLEASE DO". I was told I will be called within "a few days" to discuss what they found.

I'm not optimistic. While on hold I found numerous reports of this EXACT thing happening to other customers this past year. I will update once I get a call back, I just want everyone to be aware of this scam and RECORD YOUR OWN CALLS when signing up for any service with anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I moved out of MediaCom service area and they are still billing me for early termination. I cannot help it they do not serve my new area.

They are a frickin joke.

Do not sue them!!!! And now if I do not pay their extortion fee it will go one my credit report.I would have gladly kept them as I am now paying $39.95 a month for the same service


Thank you for bringing this account issue to our attention. I would love to help get this resolved for you. Please email your phone number or account number to I will make sure these calls were pulled and do what I can to make things right.



Mediacom Social Media Team

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