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My husband and I decided to go with mediacom over at&t/dish or direct tv packages because of 1.)having one bill and 2.) it seemed to be the best option price wise for what we wanted/needed. We've put up with absolute *** for the past two years that we've had this service they have lied to us,given us long etas on techs,as well as the fact our services constantly went out.

Our bill also shot up tremendously every few months! We never even made it the full 12 months on our introductory monthly rate before they terminated the discount and the bill went up and when we called to question them they did not provide any good reason as to WHY it did....actually they couldnt give me a reason at all....literally they told me they couldnt. Over the course of time we had them the internet went out at leat twice a month ,the cable only went out maybe a handful of times,but you are forced to go through trouble shooting with the before they even begin to offer you a tech. I am very familiar with how my modem works and they talk to you like your an *** the whole time your on the phone and finally I got fed up with them and told them I refuse to go through this again I have already been doing all that for an hour ,praying I wouldnt have to call those *** holes, and it didnt work....this is something wrong with the equipment ...replace it!!!!!

I swear I had a tech at my house constantly ,but that was after having to wait the standard minimal 2 weeks to get one to my house after making the call.I would wait 2 weeks for a technician to come to my house all while watching the tech trucks drive pass my house all through the day and they would stop at the gas station up the rode from my house just to get coffee and stand out and gossip for several hours before driving back to the office to clock out. Thats right I have a mediacom office 2 minutes from my house ,but I can not get a tech from there ,dont ask me why because they couldnt tell me why,and I have to wait 2 weeks for one to stop at my house while on the way to get their gossip on at the flash foods. My bill shot up over $100 plus dollar towards the end of the year and I was already spending close to $130 monthly for basic cable and a fairly decent internet package! What finally made me give up on them is I call after over 24hours without internet or cable service.

We had a large storm ,I work at a 911 center and was aware of a lot of damage done to lines so I accepted that, but I tried to call to report my area outage and an automated message refused me any ability to speak to a real person and hung up on me. The next day my co workers and friends in that area had full service ,I did not, and I called several times while the automated message still refused to give me a person to speak to. I finally get through by pressing zero probably thousands of times and I get Micheal who was not only a stuttering dumb *** ,but he told me my area was still under outage. I informed him that others in my area had service and he told me that the outage was due to an ice storm in my area.....we had had high winds ,but im in south Ga and the temp didnt drop below 60 degrees so what froze?

I call back and get Jarrod who told me that I was not under an outage (so I had be as I thought lied to) ,but he decided that when I refused to go through the senseless trouble shooting that he would proceed to speak to me as if I was deaf and ***. He put me on hold in various intervals ,sometimes a few seconds sometimes over 15 mins, each time he would pick up the phone and sarcastically say "oooooh im sooooooo sorry for that looooooonnnnngggg wait!". I finally asked to speak to a supervisor and was shocked when I was asked "I need to know why you need to speak to a supervisor." ummmmm because I have a right to ask for one without being questioned? well he puts me on hold AGAIN this time for 20 MINS!!!

He then picks up and proceeds to tell me his supervisor says the same thing he does can I help him with anything else. I said yes transfer me over to your supervisor NOW. Well I am put on hold again for about 5 mins or so and he picks up AGAIN to ask me if I still want to be transferred and I of course say yes. I finally get Kimmie (or Kimmy I dont care how she spells it all I know is she had a lisp and nothing she said made sense) She was extremely rude to me from the start.

I explained to her my 2 years worth of *** ive had with their service while she tried talking over me the whole time and I finally got over polietly telling her to "please let me explain this to you" to eventually having to tell her plainly "shut up". (which worked finally) She would not give me an eta on a tech or explain ANYTHING to me and explained to me that she did nor anyone else with customer service had to give me ANY information about my services (so whats the point of them existing). Oh and she,nor anyone there, informed me that me threating to cancel my services wasnt a concern of theirs at all. (uhhh why not?)So guess what if you dont care neither do I!!

We said cancel it ,but oooh they said theyd still send a tech by a certain date. That date has passed no tech. We are in the process of ordering direct/at&t and swapping to them. Once they are installed this week I am matching up there with my mediacom modem and cable box and telling them to shove it!

I cant cancel my service till I turn those in ,but as I explain to them when setting up an appointment my schedule is complicated because my husband and I are a dispatcher and a police officer we cant just say oh thats fine! So I havent had time to turn in my stuff since they dont have 2 minutes to drive to my house and fix my internet and cable!

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Im going to spend every chance I get making sure people I know drop your service.


It is not our intention to mislead our customers about the bill or your service. I do apologize for the issues you have had since you signed up for services. You should have received better customer service when you had questions and service interruptions. I would be happy to check your account and do what it takes to make things right. Please email me at, I look forward to hearing from you.



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