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I have used Mediacom for over a year now. I have just recently moved, so I had my mediacom service transferred.

I went to my local office and was told that "You will not be charged for transferring unless any of the equipment is broken or damaged". I thought okay that is cool! So I move, get my service transferred, then get my bill- which I was charged for "installation fees". I immediately called Customer Service to be told that there was a charge of $29.99 for transferring.

Why was I not told this before?? I asked for the fee to be waived because it was promised to me, as a customer. I was advised that I needed to call back. I called back a few days later.

A rep answered the phone, mumbled his name and asked what I needed. I told him my dilemma and said that I would like the $29.99 waived or I would take my business elsewhere to a more reliable service provider, that would honor their word regardless if it was a customer service rep or a local agent. The service rep told me he had no problem cancelling my service, I could go elsewhere if I pleased. (someone doesnt care?!).

I asked to speak with a supervisor. After 30 min of being put on hold, the agent hung up on me. So, furious at this point I called back and immediately asked to speak with a Supervisor. I was informed that the supervisor was "busy".

So, I held. The rep then told me they would not waive the fee, also, that this was approved by the "busy" supervisor. If he was so "busy", why could I not speak to him? Anyways, I requested to be called back by the supervisor.

The rep argued that she would "try" to do her best in having someone called me but it was not promised. Needless to say, I have yet to have a call back and it has been 1 week.

Media com can suck it! Along with my bill that I will not be paying bc of such RUDE customer service and not getting what I was PROMISED!!!!!!!

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I can completely understand your frustration based on what you have gone through. I would be happy to look into your situation if you could email me at with your phone# or account# and I will do what I can to resolve this.



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

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