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WHERE O WHERE TO BEGIN!??? 12 years of misery!!

I said after 2004 i WOULD NEVER EVER HAVE MEDIACOM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! Then i had no choice....and wow! Mediacom didn't disappoint my disappointing(they are consistent!) THEE worst, uneducated, misinformed, span 3 Continent, several state, Customer service EVER!!!!!!!!!! IE...ONE lady argued with me about how wireless internet is better for gaming!!

YEP!! I asked do you play? No but that's what ive been told was the response!! AND i say "we argued"...Im not lying...BUT i didn't call her a name cause you cant call IGNORANCE dumb!!

THEY are ignorant so they live in their own world! OR being quoted 4! yes 4!! different prices in ONE HOUR!!

I REALLY could write a book about ALLLL the things that medicom has DONE!!! BUT what im so EXTREMELY!!!!!!!!!!!! MAD AT is... I went to cancel ALL my service(cablle, tv, INTERNET!) because i didnt get a thing i was offered.

IE...cable(no DVR) Cable(no channels work), Phone(they didnt have any phone modems in), Wireless(no wireless modems in), Internet(up to 15meg get 7!?!?!?). So...the lady ses well what we can do is give you 20meg for 44.95 a month(internet is ALL i want) so I say ok! OOOPS! NOW I HAVE A $300 BILL!!

IN 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!? they added a "past" bill i KNEW NOTHING ABOUT! Because im NOT paying for service I DON'T GET!!

PERIOD! BUT they dont send me a i get a $300 bill AT ONCE!! My service is getting shutoff in 3 days!

They lie over and over...BUT they have a MONOPOLY! IF any other business tried this....WITH...competion???

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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NO IM GOOD!! Ive started a MEDIACOM SUCKS page on FB!

AND im over 5k! Mediacom IS A JOKE! Google, Bing it...Mediacom has the MOST complaints of any cable company! Comcast ever comes close to us or anyone else who has Mediacom, BANKRUPT!

I have NEVER ever got Butterflies from a business! But when i had NO CHOICE but go back to Mediacom last year.... I had the shakes! TERRIBLE, UNORGANIZED customer service!

How can you call 2 states and 2 different COUNTRIES in ONE HOUR!! if Mediacom was...Your Locally owned ISP? HOW long do you think you would be open? YEA i have ONE GOAL!


FACEBOOK!! WONDERFUL TOOL i wish i would had in 2002(NODE CONGESTION!! LOL) Ive talked to Managers in India, Texas, Florida, Moline Il, mississippi i think! So PLEASE superman how you going to help?

LIE TO ME about a NEW INTERNET OFFER so i dont cancel? BTW this is aainst mediacom...we ALL need jobs! So im talking to the Board thru you!

PLEASE email me..I have no phone!


You should be receiving better service and information from us. I would be more than happy to help get this problem resolved for you. Please email your phone number or account number to and I will do what I can to make things right.

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