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Wow....where do I start? I left Verizon for mediacrap for my internet, cable, phone service.

It is like night and day. Mediacom is a joke, the internet is a little better than dialup....dialup! As for the cable tv? Its terrible.

Tons of freezes during regular tv shows, dont even get me started about the on demand service. I attempted to watch a movie I got from on demand, first I had to call 3 times to get the thing to work, they had to send a "Signal" through many times. Then when I started to watch the movie, well then it froze up so many times I stopped counting. I dont get channels I pay for like starz or encore?

The screen shows an error saying the channel should be available shortly.

Its so bad that Im probably going to break the contract and pay the extra for verizon. This service isnt worth the trouble

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You should not have to experience these issues with your Mediacom services. If you would please email me your phone number or account number to I would be more than happy to assist with resolving the service issues you are experiencing.


Mediacom Social Media Team

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