I dealt with the offshore call center and it was a total disaster. Why filing a complaint I chatted with AT&T online and set up for new service.

While Mediacom is waiving my entire final bill as soon as my services change over I think because of all the issues I have had in a month (called to report service issues eight times AFTER we had to start paying for modem that was intended to ENHANCE our service and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE)- not once were their offers or any incentives mentioned to keep my home phone service with them after being a customer four years. The same day I also had an area sales guy call and beg me not to leave because of all of the upgrades but still no incentive just excuses. Mediacom was untimely about releasing my phone number,and as of Thursday At&t was to be installed but due to their delays, it will be Monday.

I am glad to be away from this headache and ready to have my home phone service as I need it. ON and WORKING.

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