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I just moved to Lake City MN which is a great scenic town. But hooking up to the internet and maintaining it has been a nightmare. I used to have Charter

Communications and I seldom had a blip in over 10 years with fantastic Broadband service that you could stream Youtube with barely any buffering or change in speed at any time.

But Lake City is very limited due to its location and Mediacom is the only broadband provider that I'm aware of. I have had a few service calls in just a few weeks and my 20mbps speed (guaranteed 80% or 16mbps) often runs as slow as 75kbps. That's just above dialup speed and you cannot stream video at all. I've been told that an update to their server is due to be completed by August 31st, but that is yet to be seen.

If you are tempted by the speed, I would do your homework. Mediacom only has about a 24-27% approval rating nationwide. I would definitely recommend against anyone subscribing to Mediacom's internet service at any speed!! I cannot speak for their television or phone service. Very dissatisfied!!

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I apologize for the slow speeds with our connection. I would be happy to check into the status of any repair work being done in your area. I can be reached at and I look forward to hearing from you.



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