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My husband and I have been customers for over 3 years. We went with Mediacom because it was the only company offered in our area so we had no choice.

We have been satisfied with them until recently. Our modem, according to Mediacom officials, is dying. Its hard to schedule an appointment with our work schedules. On this day, my husband got off work early so he could go and pick up our new modem.

I tried to call the office he was headed to to let them know he was on his way and may possibly be late, we live in the south and its busy with traffic during summer. Of course there is no number DIRECTLY to the office, you have to speak with a representitive in North Carolina. My husband arrived at the office at 5:00 PM and they told him he would have to come back tomorrow. He asked if they could very quickly switch modems because he has work which requires the internet.

The person told him very rudely they were closed and there is nothing they can do until tomorrow. What happened to customer service??

In our relationship, my husband is the mellow, laid back person, while I am the assertive, aggressive one. So we will see tomorrow when I have to *** work to go pick up my modem, if they will tell us no or be rude to us again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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I'm sorry to hear of this poor experience. I assure you that this is not the level of service that we strive for, and I would like to assist in any way that I can to correct this trouble and improve your service experience.

If you'd like, please send us your account details, along with a brief description of the trouble, to our team at SocialMediaTeam@mediacomcc.com. We hope to hear from you!

Thank you,

Mediacom Social Media Relations

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