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I moved to an Appartment complex in Springfield, mo five months ago. There are really no other internet service and mediacom bundled so it was great.

We moved in our appartment the first week in june. Mediacom had shut off our internet the following week for a suposidly "Copy right infringement". I asked them what I copyrighted and they said it was the twilight movie in 2009. I told them I didn't even live at this address in 2009 so I had no clue what they were talking about.

Oh yea and I forgot they shut my internet off on a friday night. So there was nothing they or I could do about it. and when I finally got in touch with someone that could do something I had to bring my lease agreement to mediacom to prove I recently moved in there. So I did that anything to get internet turned on because I go to school online.

Okay everything was good for a while. until a week ago. last week I got my internet service shut off for the same thing. I was so confused, because I use my internet for one thing and that is school work!

and my husband only uses the computer to play games. Who could have possibly downloaded anything? So we called them and they were talking about the same movies that was downloaded in 2009 when I didnt live here. So I had to go through that *** agian.

Then they said that I downloaded a movie on my computer. It was a movie I have not even heard of. Finally we got to the whole okay lets friking drag my children out in the cold to go to frikin mediacom and sign this dang piece of paper! So I did that.

Then they shut it off agian the night before thanksgiving. Ive been batteling these people for three days now and there is "nothing they could do about it". Its funny how they always do it on days that they cant do anything. Its funny that they keep bringing up 2009 and movies I've never heard of.

I have taken IT classes theres a great thing called computer hackers that people can *** your computer and download ***. These people are idiots. They do not know what they are talking about. I am not the only person in my appartment complex that has had this problem.

There are many others. I have lived in 4 states and I have never had a problem with this I have had comcast, timewarnder, and a lot of other internet services that I cant remember.

Every single internet service is so much better than mediacom. They are retarded!

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I apologize for the problems you have had with your Mediacom connection. This particular problem could be caused by an open wireless network and someone else using your connection. If you can contact me at I will be happy to review your account and see what we can do. I look forward to hearing from you.



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