Opened account in 2009 for daughter in college. Had no issues till service went out in 2011 and for two months could not get it fixed.

Tech finally came and fixed it supposedly (messed with modem and router inside) Next week Internet was shut down due to supposedly illegal activity of downloads. Some which supposedly happened when the Internet was not even working. No matter who I spoke to they kept saying copyright infringement.Tried to get Internet turned on again after doing what they said and still took a week.

Mediacom charged Internet Service when it was turned off. Awful customer service !

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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That's ridiculous! No internet for two months?

I'll never use this company. And besides, they don't have a right to supposedly shut off your internet service because of what you use it for. Is that even legal? Because secretly monitoring your activity (if someone did use your computer to download something) is a major privacy issue.

You should have terminated your contract with Mediacom after the first month of no service. If you still have service from Mediacom you should switch providers ASAP.


It is unfortunate that you have had such a negative experience. I would be more than happy to look into any problems you are still needing addressed if you would email me at with a phone# or account#.



Social Media Relations Team

Mediacom Communications

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