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Since we have switched to mediacom we have nothing but problems with our connection. We bought a new router because mediacom blamed our connection on the router, which come to find out, it wasn't the router at all.

When mediacom first came to install the modem in our house for a wirelss connection through them they actually installed the wrong type of modem. For 2 years we had little to almost no connection for weeks at a time, it would connect fine for a few days than it wouldn't connect for weeks, we would call and complain and all they would say is unplug the router, the modem, wait ten seconds or whatever and then plug it back it, which by the way never worked. It took mediacom a really long time to send a lazy technician over who realized that they had indeed installed the wrong router from the get-go and set us up with a new one, after the fact the blamed they problems on the router and they also told us to call microsoft because they thought it was our laptop. We spent countless hours and wasted our time dealing with this issue when it was mediacom the whole time!

Now we continute having problems with the same brand new router and a brand new pc, our laptop and our iphone connections fail often too. WTF!!

This angers me more than anyone can understand, we are paying like $30 bucks a month or more, not sure, for this type of service. I would recommend going to someone else for internet service!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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Machipongo, Virginia, United States #108820

One thing you mentioned stuck, that they came to your home to install a modem for a wireless connection through them.

If you check your bill, do you see a charge for their home networking service? If you do, then they are responsible for the home network and it's upkeep. If you don't see that charge...verbatum...then they will only ensure that the internet works to the modem and whatever device is hardlined to that modem...and that's it.

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