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Less than a year ago I signed up for MediaCom, I have every channel they offer, all house DVR system, phone, and at the time the fastest internet package they offer, but mostly i signed with them simply because i was told i had unlimited internet, with 3 kids multiple computers, iPads, iPhones, and gaming systems I needed this. So for $170.00 a month i get all of this, but the sales person said if i signed a 2 year agreement i would be locked in for these services and cost.

Now this month i receive a $10.00 charge for internet overage. So i called them and was informed that this is their new policy, great i understand that but they need to honor my 2 year agreement. If they want to charge me overages after my contract expires i understand that as i am no longer under a contract. So I called customer service and to save alot of space i will just say that MediaCom must not train their employees on what customer service means, cause all i got out of that conversation was more angry.

So i called their retention department twice and the end result was they told me if i didnt like it i could leave Mediacom and that if i didnt want overages i could upgrade my package for an additional $14.00 a month. So now I am left with 1 year on my contract that they will not honor and now the fact i was told my monthly bill would not increase for 2 years i have to upgrade my package for an additional cost. i mean is not $170.00 a month already enough. All i can say is while i cannot take these lying contract breaking jerks down, what i can do is spread the negative publicity about them.

I am in charge of over 300 people and have already got several people that are going to switch from MediaCom to satellite tv. I will keep going one person at a time. This is a case where a company got to big that they do not care about customer service and how they treat individual customers, trust me I have seen corporations that continue to lose revenue due to negative publicity by customers they have crapped on. If they lose enough customers at $170.00 a month maybe they will pull their heads out of...........

and realize that its their customers that make them profitable. While this is the current topic that has me fuming, i am not even going to go into the fact i have had their techs at my house several times to fix the same issue and besides their techs not knowing how to fix simple issues, they each time at my house talk crud about their own customer service representatives and the company they work for. And after all of this i went to our local MediaCom office to try and get our DVR system repaired and see about my $10.00 overage charge as i was not getting any where on the phone, the lady behind the counter was trash talking the company she works for. As i read others complaints i see Mediacom has responded, their response is cold and have no intention of fixing issues, just enough to say oh we can take care of that.

If they had intention of fixing these issues it would have been taken care of when customers call their 800 number, but instead it dosent get taken care of and customers have to get so pissed off that they are making complaints on websites such as this. I wish Rocco B. Commisso would talk to his customers or is he so disconnected from the customer base that he does not care what we have to say so as long as he gets to live the cush life by crapping on individual customers. If i treated one of my customers 1/10 of the way I or many of the MediaCom customers have been treated I would shortly be out of business, but i still believe that its my job to make sure my customers are taken care of.

MediaCom dont reply to this saying "its our policy" "we can fix that" cause you have had plenty of chances to do so. How about you reply with Im sorry and we will honor our 2 year agreement. Can I cancel a contract because i dont want to pay $170.00 anymore, no so why can you when you dont feel we are paying enough.

I would love a conversation with someone on the corporate level. Reply with that but dont insult me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $2380.

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Mediacom has NEVER honored the details of ANY contract or "promo" I have had with them over the last 7 years. I do not have any other option for high speeds in my neighborhood, so they seem to abuse that fact to their advantage.

The first chance I get to leave Mediacom.....I'm gone....and will not go back for any promotional matter how good it sounds. They simply won't honor it.

I have gone as short as 3 months into a 2 year contract...and they changed all of it. NO warning at all.

I have NEVER gone more than a year without Mediacom changing pricing...or rules....or both.

WORST cable company I have ever had.....period. They DON'T HONOR THEIR DEALS and of course they don't have any records of your conversation when you ask them to review the call!


Same exact problem. Will not, after many phone calls and letters and emails, honor the contract amount.

Good side, I have a Written agreement, so per Mediacoms contract I will be filing for arbitration and due to the repetitive nature of their misbilling and breach of contract, asking for punitive damages. I suggest you do the same. You agreed to arbitration when you signed up with them, and they use AAA at

you have to pay the $200 filing fee however you may request they reimburse you. Best of luck.

Middletown Township, New Jersey, United States #821522

I say its Lawsuit Time..

Moyock, North Carolina, United States #728283

This same thing is happening to me. I have been asking for a copy of the audio contract and have yet to get one.

To get the same level of internet service that I signed up for it will cost me double what I am now paying.

Now I can't break my contract but they can double my cost in the middle of the contract. This seems so wrong at so many levels.

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