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OK let's start with the whole ordering over the phone scam I guess the sales people that I spoke with apparently was selling some other cable because the junk that they were charing me for was the worst cable I've ever had and I've had basic cable that's better than this I asked three times give me an accurate down to the penny cost that my bill will read every month and I was told 87.74 every month no more or no less so my dumb gullable behind says well OK send a tec and I was told that the cost would be 95 for the tec to even start and that would be as soon as he arrive es otherwise he wouldn't start the install I say OK done send him on.well he supposed to be here on a certain day at a certain time well I guess they were so far away that he was three days late even tho I was promised they would be here so then when he finally showed up he took money from my wife then went outside and said he needed a special try k to hook up the cable lies lies lies well no cable we will be back within 48 hours and y'all will have cable OK no problem my wife says well again 2 weeks later I start to wonder if we live in a zone where its just so hard to make it here even tho I travel by truck here everyday no I called and they canceled my freaking order do to the fact that they don't own a truck from what I was told so now we are 1 and a 1/2 months in no cableor internet so I was so pleased to call being that I've already paid for install and first month well finally on Christmas eave I finally spoke to someone who kinda saw my point that we are not really happy with the service so they found a guy that read a book on how to install this wire from the pole to my house wow that was a hard one now I'm still getting charged for this I guess but o well I got some cable happy happy happy we are woops I can't hook up the internet I don't have a cable that I usually put on my truck to install internet fifty freaking times a day hey no big deal just bring it back I say OK I will in 48 hours no problem well there went another four days of no shows so some guy who was so happy to be working on new years de ides to come show us how much he loved his job and was a special one this guy attitude the whole five mins he was here but he hooked it up no problem now I have my own cable box but they did provide the internet box OK so I kept my service til I got a bill on January 16 for 297.36 cents now my calculated brain tells me something isn't right cause I've only had service for a couple weeks well they own a different calculator than I do but they tell me they are billing me for the first month and the second month and I said well I played the guy the first month when he got here so all o would be paying for would be January and February right no they say Dec and Jan the next bill would be for Feb and march now I'm confused I already paid for Dec even tho they didn't hook it up until the end of Dec well I know this was a long store but needless to say we went threw *** and I had it disconnected and for a month and a half this is my bill now so don't waste your freaking time with this scam of a company please I beg you

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Bundle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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