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Why should I have to pay an extra monthly charge for a error that Mediacom made? I had a 2nd cable box installed (months ago).

I called this evening to inquire about an unrelated topic and was told by 2 customer service reps that I will be charged an additional $10+ per month for it basically because someone failed to enter a code when i had it added. When i ask to speak to a supervisor they told me he well call me back. When i get the call he sounds like he has no interest in even helping resolve my issue let alone awake enough to take a call. When I initially had box 2 installed I questioned if there was an additional fee for it and was told that there was not.

I'm experiencing such frustration because: A. I was roped into a contract by a fast talking sales rep during a call i made to reduce my services B. I am still paying more per month than I would like to pay for something I don't get to enjoy not only because of my schedule but also due to service interruptions and issues with on demand HD and C. The outsourced call center representatives are incredibly rude to someone who has enough gull to generate negative word of mouth about a company that provides a service that is becoming obsolete.

I am honestly feeling duped by Mediacom. I would really like services discontinued without the penalty of early termination because these types of issues are not what I would like to pay for every month.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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It isn't Mediacom's "fault" you DECIDED to enter a legally binding service contract with them; it's also not their fault your schedule keeps you from using the service. Additionally.

if you can't "remember" to pay your bills, it's NOT the service provider's responsibility to just allow your service to continue.. they're a business after all; NOT a charity. Finally, what's with this trend of deadbeat whiners threatening to "throw a tantrum on the internet about this for the rest of my life"? Seriously, get your GED, get a job, pay your bills.

Until you can do these things, just STOP WHINING. Understood?

to Anonymous #1127893

Who the *** do you think you are? You have no right to come on here acting all High and Mighty trying to tell other's what they should/should not do just because you like holding Mediacom's D#cks while they p#ss all over their customers.

People are not "whining", you DUMBA$$, they are just sick and tired of being fleeced out of their hard-earned money, and FYI, those "deadbeats" are the same ones who are keeping this lame, deceitful, so-called "service provider" in business.

So both you and Shyster MediaCom suck.


to Anonymous #1128088

Clearly if I only had a GED my comment on site wouldn't have been delivered so eloquently. In response to your insults: I AM COLLEGE EDUCATED beyond your 2 yr associates degree from which ever non-accredited online university you attend.

Business is my subject matter so I understand how it works, I also understand that customer care is an important part of the equation. I was not whining but merely venting about the poor service I received. I am never unemployed hence the reason why my SCHEDULE doesn't allow me time to watch television. All of my bills are paid in full prior to the due date.

Just because I am well off enough to pay them in advance doesn't mean that I want or deserve to be hustled out of my hard earned money. If you had read the comment you would have seen that upon requesting fewer services I was smooth talked into a contact that I never had before. Maybe I'm easily persuaded. If Mediacom were smart about their business they would be wise to take care of customers who pay bills promptly and do so for consecutive years like myself.

Instead they try to drain the customers of all they have.

In short; the error they made was not my fault so I should not have to pay extra. They have lost a customer and gained additional negative word of mouth; poor business move.

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