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It is July 22 I have already called the 800 number ( and as usual got some rep. That doesn't have a clue when it comes to customer service or anything else just standard text book answers that she is no doubt reading from the script) as I was saying July 22 2014 and I am once again looking at a blank screen no cable again and did I mention we are so shocked that our cable is out yet again? During the month of June we may have had cable 3 or 4 days. I have every channel that mediacom offers and yet they only saw fit to credit me with a little over $60.00 that is just ridiculous I pay way more than this per month for your service if I don't have the service why was I not credited with almost a full month? Is mediacom so greedy that they think they shouldn't have to give credits? If it was a good enough fee for you to charge me then when I am with cable then you *** sure should refund me the same fee.

I have been with mediacom for years and your service has steadily gone downhill. Hope corporate is proud of themselves.

Yours truly

Sandra flowers

144 j m griffin rd

Wewahitchka florida 32465

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Hi Sandra! I'm sorry to hear of these troubles you've experienced with your service.

I'd be happy to investigate further, work with the account, and set things right for you. If you would like, please send us an email with your account number or phone number to and we can begin to look into this.

Thank you, Sandra, hope to hear from you soon!

Mediacom Social Media Team

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