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Over the last many months that I have contacted Mediacom multiple time monthly, My internet speed varies from .01Mbits to 11.45Mbits every Day. today was the same, up and down with the speed so I called Mediacom as soon as I called my speed jumped to 11Mbits, hmm hmm, I have use to check my internet connection, this by the way is who Mediacom recommends to use to check speeds.

I have many screen shots of of the speeds reported from three different laptops and two desktops wireless and wired connections. they all report similar findings. I have rebooted both the router and the Mediacom modem and have connected directly to the Mediacom modem and have tried a different router and for a while it seems to get better, could be for 10 minutes to a few hours or more but "sure as Stuff" it back at a slow speed for the most part between 1Mbits to 5Mbits, I pay For 12Mbits. When I do call Mediacom all I get is restart your PC modem router, have you connected directly to the modem ETC....

Come ON THEY HAVE THE RECORDS ON THE COMPUTER AND ALL OTHER ISSUES. When I called today 02/23/2012 the person would not help and just read the procedures form there list, i tried to stop them, the earliest they could get out here was Tuesday 28th I told Her I would be out of town then for Up to 15days and wanted them out here on Friday the 24 Feb, as I have delt with this for far to long and It is not only this address I have two Accounts here in Navarre MN and in Hibbing MN, THIS IS THE KICKER, most of the time when they send out service repair they go to the wrong address. this happened the last time about a month ago THE Service tech reported this back to them MEDIACOM NEVER RESCHEDULED THE CALL!!!! WHY!

it was not my doing they went to the wrong address I cave them my Account # for the Navarre Address but they were sent to Hibbing, this has happened both ways and multiple time NOT JUST ONCE, HMM HMM WTF. OH, I failed to mentioned this time when I called I demanded to be transferred to her Supervisor, she did but while I waited (music on hold) I WAS DISCONNECTED or the line dropped, BUT THEY HAVE NOT CALLED BACK, been almost 2 hours, bad customer services and bad Internet Service.

Really have no Choice in Internet Service as only two options and Qwest or now Centerylink is much higher cost, I am a disabled vet and unemployable and cannot afford that cost, maybe the cost for mediacom is too emotionally high. THIS JUST SUCKS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Internet Service.

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This is the Mediacom way. Give up and hope something else comes along. I have had the same issue for years, they are the only 'high' (lol)speed provider in the area.


It is unfortunate you have had such a negative experience with our service. I would be more than happy to look into the problem and do anything in my power to correct this. Please email me at with your phone# or account#.



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