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We recently moved to North Carolina. Mediacom is our current TV/Telephone/Internet provider.

I have never seen such a ludicrous system. Here is a brief description.

I went to the website listed on my statement of service – A sales website. I eventually find a link to My Account – where I am led to set up a login id and password. I set up a login id and password and continue to see a website all about sales. I eventually find that under Internet is a link for Online Security – finally, what I am looking for!!! Or perhaps not.

Click on Download Now and get another web page explaining that I will need a Mediacom email address to download the software. The website says my Mediacom email address can be found on the work order or documentation left with me at the time of install. So I go locate the paperwork left with me at the time of install – there is no email address to be found. NOWHERE ON THIS WEBSITE IS THERE INFORMATION OR A LINK TO SET UP A MEDIACOM EMAIL ADDRESS (keep in mind I have already set up a login and password). This means I have to call Mediacom – something I hate to do because:

a) It is time consuming, I have to provide all sorts of identification information to the automated system, then I have to provide the same, plus additional, identification information to a live operator.

b) The operator does NOT SPEAK ENGLISH as their first language – meaning it is very difficult to understand them. I have encountered this on numerous occasions when contacting technical support (which seems to be required quite often with Mediacom).

The person I finally get to speak to gives me a very long web address to type into my browser. Consider this person does NOT SPEAK ENGLISH as their first language and does NOT USE STANDARD PHONETIC ALPHABET WORDS this takes 9 tries and 20 minutes before I am even able to get to the website. (The Nato/Aviation phonetic alphabet is available online – perhaps you should consider training your people to use it and save everyone a lot of time and frustration.)

When I eventually get to the website and try to set up an email account the website returns a programming error. This requires another call to Mediacom and going through a and b above to find out that I do indeed have an email set up – the error message I received was a programming error on the Mediacom website.

Then I have to figure out how to pick up the email from the account I just set up. NO INSTRUCTIONS, NO LINKS. But I do need to pick up the email, that is where the registration information is to install the internet security program.

Every time it rains or is very windy (that happens a lot here on the Inner Banks in North Carolina) our television service goes out and the hd channels are constantly pixelating.

Other then the fact that you don't have any competition I can't imagine how Mediacom stays in business. You seem to go out of your way to make things difficult for your customers – you make people call support items that they should be able to handle themselves (setting the time on your voice mail, setting up email accounts, etc…) and don't provide reliable service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mediacom Technical Support.

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I am sorry to hear of the ongoing problems. I see you have already emailed me on this at I will start looking into this once you send your phone# or account# associated with your account.

Thanks, -Tom

Social Media Team

Mediacom Communications

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