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I have been using Mediacom for 30 years and the other day I was talking with tech support and they told me that anyone could hide other equipment in a closet when I requested they come out and do a physical inspection , the system shows I am being charged for 5 pieces of equipment when I have never had more than two or three and any one time.

I requested a TIVO about a year ago , received the box , the system recorded install complete and have been billed for it and it was never installed.

Currently the unit says not connected and does not show channels or correct time.

They have been to my house many times on service calls over the years and how is it the people that came to do the calls did notify them or me the customer that they were charging me for more than I had.

They told me they were doing an investigation and they would let me know.

Let us see what they decide before I make my decision for different service.

I expect a full accounting of when they started charging me for five pieces of equipment, when it started and how long its been going on and full reimbursement and restitution.

I didn't like: I am filing a complaint for being overcharged and bad service.

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Bad enough for their *** service but every time I go to pay my they say invalid sign in

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